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I haven't used it but CA is a pretty solid performer and a lot of people have rave reviews about their Armalite series of guns, so I would assume that the same would go for their AUG.

As for range, I believe that max range is 150 but effective range can be as little as 80-10 ft. Keep in mind this is actual range not "guestimated" range. Usually people think they're shooting out to 200 ft when in reality they may only be going out to 140 or 160 ft.

Also remember to upgrade the player not the gun. Sure there is a minimum required but getting some decent/average level equipment you should be fine to play.

Maybe you can do some upgrades to it to bring it up to a level of performance that you want/expect. Things you could do include installing a FTK (Modify FTK apparently is a pretty good one that a lot of people recommend for price/performance). Since it's a V3 I don't think Prometheus makes too many things for it however they do make the odd V3 part as well as the generic mechbox parts.
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