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It was an "n"

To be honest it depends on what you would be comfortable with.

Take for example the G36, the AK and the full length M16. Each gun has its pros and cons but in the end its all about what you are willing to accept as a pro and con and if you are willing to deal with it.

All 3 airsoft guns work off the same principal. Battery powered motor drives gears that compress a pistol that is forced back down a cylinder with a spring to push a BB down a barrel. How you want that to "look" is entirely up to you.

Comparing each external model is like comparing a watermelon, a banana and a bunch of grapes. Once again it boils down to what you like. Lets drop the discussion about external look for a second.

Internally the G36 and the AK use a version 3 mechbox, its design is a generation newer than the version 2 that is used in the M16. That is not to say that the V2 is a bad mechbox, it simply had some minor flaws that were corrected in the next evolution of the mechbox series.

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