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Feeling overwhemled here. Feel free to school me lol

This topic is officially the bastard child of a bigger problem for me.

Okay so I got into thinking of maybe changing up airsoft guns for my outdoor primary or buying another one to mix it up.

Currently, I have the CA AUG A1. Was debating on grabbing a G2010 or GF76.
Now... I haven't really tested it much at all outside in low wind conditions, but it seems to me the thing doesn't shoot very far at all for a full blown rifle. It shot maybe 100 feet or so and then really started to lose accuracy.

Like honestly I don't even know where to start here but I'll try.

1. Is it even worth switching outdoor primaries? Or is the CA AUG pretty solid? Is it worth investing in a tightbore or other such upgrades to enhance its ass-kicking factor?

2. For that matter, what's the range I should be shooting for when it comes to an outdoor primary AR? I've heard most guns out there shoot around 300-400 FPS and can reach out to 150 feet or so. If my gun doesn't come up to that range, what kinds of things can I invest in to make it able to keep up?

3. What would YOU, personally, recommend I get? I mean, so far I've just been buying guns based on what guns I like. But here's something, what's a good gun in YOUR opinion? This is purely exploratory for me but I'd like to know what gun you like to rock and what makes it so good? If there's one thing I will ask it is NO M4s, please. I got tired of those long ago.

Like... man... my head hurts now >_<

Anyways, any help would be wicked awesome. I don't get the chance to play enough to know all this stuff, school and work > airsoft :/

Thanks a ton guys
Let's get out and pew pew!
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