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Just a note that the $800 doesn't have to be spent right off the bat however does make your experience much more enjoyable.

$600 is pretty reasonable to start off with, especially if you come from a woodsball background and may or may not have BDU's, goggles, and other equipment that's common to airsoft and paintball. Then after that 2 or 3 months later you can drop another $200 or 300.

Also consider talking to Optix, Kampfer or Crash the local AV reps for the Vancouver/lower mainland area. Avoid buyairsoft as much as you can.

For being a sniper, it's probably better to borrow and see what it's like than spending $1000+ on a gun that you may or may not like. It's definitely not for beginners and people who think sniping is like in Modern Warfare, however if you've played Operation Flashpoint, ARMA or a military simulator, although it's still not a good representation it's better at showing you what being a sniper is like than in COD.
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