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what gun should i get???

hey guys im new to airsoft but i do have some experience in paintball(hope it will come in handy)

im looking to buy my first aeg or a spring sniper
i have already purchased a kJworks mk1 pistol which is awesome btw

i know that most of u are going to say go with an aeg which i get, but i think i may have found an ok sniper. i think its the well l96 its $280 on buy airsoftcanada

i am willing to pay 200 to MAYBE 400
some aegs i have in mind are:
ics cxp concept its about $335 at poco military

used classic army m16a4 it says its all black and metal and has a tightbore inner barrel and a syst motor with heat sinks and reinforced gb
full RIS/RAS systme, fore grip, red dot scope, hard case, 3 high cap mags

all that for $350

i was also thinking of the KWA g36c which i think is about $380

i also found a used tm ak47 for $350/400

so ya i would like to know ur opinions on these guns or any other guns that are good for nooblets?
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