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Re: Avoid Hi-Caps due to jamming?

Originally Posted by kalnaren
I think my biggest issue with highcaps is the way the completely change the dynamic of the game. I can't count the number of times a skirmish has come down to a long-range pissing match between people with hicaps who sit back happy dumb and stupid and just hose.

It seriously ruins it for the rest of us not using them.
Pretty much. Doesn't help that some noobs will park themselves down because they are getting showered with rounds and think their brand new cansoft can actually reach their target in that long range pissing match. I remember one guy up at wasaga piss through what must have been a near full highcap but his rounds kept falling 20 feet in front of me. He was hunkered down tight as it would only take a short bursts to keep his head down while I shot his buddies. Ended up rushing him in the open once I took care of his team. Easy kill while he was winding. Lol
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