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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
it's wide asian fit...
asians DO NOT have narrow faces.
My head is fucking huge, and the ESS landstrikers with normal lenses do not fit properly =p.

Since then, \I realized this thing could have been a massive lemon O.o
Exactly what Yuhaoyang said.

For the umpteenth time. Our fine Asian brothers are gifted with a flatter curve to the bone structure of their face and as such they require a flatter lens shape. This however does not translate into a smaller glasses or goggles in terms of width as they can have large or small faces just like any other race. ESS does makes various SIZES of glasses which people often confuse the Asian fit goggles. NARO's are avaliable in the ICE line of tac glasses and have a smaller nose bridge and provide better fitment for smaller faces. They also make the ESS Recon which are tac glasses in a small fit that are like their High Adrenalin series.

If your going to dispense advice about how to protect your eyes do a little research first before pointing people toward expensive products that will not suit their needs.
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