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Avoid Hi-Caps due to jamming?

Originally Posted by The Chad

I want realcaps, but am poor, so I stick to having one Hi-Cap I fill it maybe twice per day event and scratch it pretty much after 30-35 rounds cuz you gotta. In my opinion, it takes longer to wind a Hi-Cap than it does to replace a realcap giving mag winders a slight disadvantage.
High caps have their place. At home plinking and testing or for guns that just don't have many low or midcaps available. But don't use that excuse for an armalite, mp5 or ak.

The problem with some noobs is that they wind as they shoot giving them an unrealistic ammo advantage. If they removed their mags, put them back, wound them then shoot, I wouldn't have an issue with it. The guys who shoot, take cover, wind then proceed to shoot again. I don't have issue with.
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