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Originally Posted by The Chad View Post
Also, my mag pouches have no mags in them Just a camera, barrel condom, smokes, lighter, and a picture of DanOfTheDead's mom. (I know you're trolling XD)

Well yeah but its not trolling if you don't post on everything! its just chairsofting HARD!!!

And while we're on the subject of my mom..... She told my sister you're hung like a gerbil. :lol:

Back to the topic. Hi-caps = BOOO!
I'm a fan of mid caps

1. if you want real cap only load them so much
2. they feed the same as realcaps.
3. you don't have to wind them
4. you feel like a real man shouting Reloading while taking cover from enemy fire.... even if it is plastic bb's
and finally 5. you don't have to wind them.... I know I already said that well that just stresses how important that is to me.
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