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Avoid Hi-Caps due to jamming?

Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK

no agreed but for instance...

At my local field we play mostly "team death match" type games ( 15 on 15 usually the max but we have had more guys come out).

So you play a few games then everyone needs to run back and reload, this then starts the conversations going and next thing you know 30 or 40 minutes have gone by.

So for these types of games having 1 high cap is not all that bad so the game keeps going or if you do need to reload its easy and fast and back to the game.
Bah! None sense. You could just as easily carry more mags then a high cap if your intention is to keep the game flow up.

Personally, I can easily carry 1800 rounds in mid caps for skirmish days. Do I? Sometimes but most times I keep it under 1000 including the 300 rounds in buddy mags, mounted on the back of my rig, that I don't use.

One thing I find with high cap users is that they shoot too much. Whether random stuff or walking their BB's. Learning to aim and maintaining some trigger discipline would be a way to not need to blow through highcap mags.
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