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Hello everyone.
ScooterVauto (AKA {LSB}ScooterVauto)
My Name is Carmen (call me Carm)
42 Living in east Edmonton.
Ex- paintballer (.68 with a sterling Pump and Modded Tippman Prolite)
Bought a couple Clear springers out of PM hobby Calgary and took them,
the rounds they came with and 2 old paintballer out to My uncles farm and
had a blast.

Imagine 3x 40+ grown men, running around with full face paintball masks
and little clear plastic pistols, I bet my uncle laughed his butt off..
Quick note on the clearsoft line.. I really like my Colt double eagle, 300+ FPS..
heck Paintball Max field speed is max 299 FPS.
this little bugger shoots faster, straighter and farther then my Prolite hahahah

I came here to find out exactly what the canadian laws were about.
I wont lie, my objective is to eventually get 3 pistols and hang them on my wall.
well likely a sniper rifle (VSR-10 is a sharp little number).
And if the urge hits to have a little fun, snag my buds, grab some balls from the
local sporting goods store and head out to the Farm..

I do expect to head out to a local field just to see the grand picture of airsoft canada style.
But have no idea where to look, (question number 3 on my list of questions for
my future age Verification meeting this weekend )

Its a stone cold shame that we cannot import a 140 FPS TM EBB Delta, but
i can goto any hunting and fishing store and by a 417 fps .177 beretta...
Dam shame.....
You have got to know, the morning after the law changes.....
EVERY Honk Kong supplier of Airsoft is going to be Bank full and warehouse empty hahahahah
Have a great day everyone...
You'll find with time, I dont usually write small one line posts hahahah

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