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Yikes, sounds like you're doing what i would advise you not to do, and thats putting layers on top of layers of paint.

And do yourself a favor, and don't try to darken a colour by spraying black through a mesh. i mean common :P. Just find the colour you want. Right now looks like your gun is your guinny pig, its gonna end up looking like a lab experiment of paint.

PM me if you want it done by a professionnal, i'm in Montreal.

Originally Posted by ATF-Hatman View Post
Well this is my Swiss Arms Clear S-552

I had originally painted it black and added some dustings of Krylon Fusion camo in a tiger stripe fashion.

Didn't like it (not the paint or adhesion, just the pattern) so I sanded it a bit and redid the body black. Then added tan touches.

I will tone down the Tan with a bit of black through a mesh webbing. It's just a tad bright at the moment

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