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Originally Posted by Slow View Post
If people wanted to keep it realistic they would use realcaps not mid/low caps.
People use Low and Mid caps is b/c they feed alot better than high caps and you don't have to wind the mag. Also most Milsims don't allow Hicaps due to there capacity.
fixed. Most casual games should allow hicaps. Anyways it really depends on the brand of hicap and the gun that you get the hicap for.

The p90 hicaps I have heard are horrid, how ever I tried two of them and they kept up to my lipo'ed p90.... I guess I musta been one of the lucky few. The mid and low caps for the p90 made by star love to jam and I have even had the TM one jam on me.

As for my AK I got some Star realcaps and they are horriable, they jam and are almost impossible to take apart with out damaging as they glue the "stopper" in place. my TM mid cap has never jammed and my Hicap jammed once because of stick getting in some how.

I do love playing with the low caps but in all honesty sometimes its nice to just take the hicap out and play with out worry of taking a speed loader and everything else down to your staging area. Just use a bit of self control and most people won't even complain that you use a highcap. Its the *I am gonna hold this trigger for 20 minutes and shoot that pieces of wood above your head hoping that I might some how sneak a shot in and/or abuse your good none cheating nature to make you call a hit* idiots that most people don't tend to like.

So in closing if you don't have a vest and what not to carry mags just start with a hicap or two *two ak hicaps is not needed... 1200 rounds = l2 aim but m16 hicaps are only 300 IIRC*. Build your gear from there.

Run what you Brun and have Fun.
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