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if you are new to the sport ( I assume you are) then forget about a saw to start with.

$250 is a good start for an AEG (if thats what you have saved already), but for a first gun I would suggest an M4, AK, MP5 variant depending on where you plan to play and what you like. All have lot of parts and upgrades available for them.

So read the FAQ's, save some more cash and go from there. Like Rugger_can said contact your local field and see what the age is to play. If you are old enough (and if they have rentals) go play some games and rent a few different guns over the course of a few games and see what you like and what works for you.

If you are not old enough to play still try and make it out to some games and talk with the locals, see if you can handle the guns so you can see what you like and what feels good.

Then start saving and be prepared to buy a ton of crap you dont need but want lol.

This site holds a lot of good info and has a ton of people more then willing to help or ask questions so use that to your advantage

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