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AUG Parts and Help

Okay, So I bought a CA AUG A1 and want to get some upgrades for it.

The first thing is I heard that CA Hop-ups aren't the best. So I read the review on this link:
and they said they changed that little tube that's made or vinyl or something like that to make it more stiff... anyone know what exactly? Also that little rubber tube the barrel sits in, mines a bit damaged. Is it called the air/ sealing nozzle?

Also I want to put in a longer and tighter inner barrel. I've heard that a Prometheus barrel is one of the best? Would this be a good choice?

Because I want a longer inner barrel I would need to get a suppressor. What size would be a decent one be? Also, because I cannot order that from outside Canada, my only option is to find a retailer in Canada, correct? Or is it possible to get a longer outer barrel to compensate?

I want to be able use .28 bbs effectively, but want to keep my fps up, so that means I need a new spring? Which one would be best to get my fps around the average everyone else shoots at? I'm not sure what's my fps is now, but the whole gun should be bone stock.

With that being said I don't suppose I need to also upgrade some of the other internals as well? Like a stronger motor, which then means stronger gears and batteries?

Finally, what are the good brands that you would recommend? And the best places to get them?

Thanks for your help.
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