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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Please, please , please, first course should be safe handling of firearms.
Definitely, the Airsoft101 and AEG101 will cover off a lot of that. BTW, so people know, AEG101 is NOT a gundoc course, but it will cover things like the manner in which AEGs, GBBs etc work, real world effective ranges (experimental activities in the workshop). The point would be to understand an AEG well enough that you know what is reasonable and not reasonable in relation to performance and what remedial actions to take on failure, and when its time to employ a gundoc, upgrades etc. Airsoft101 is all the stuff we want good players to exhibit and its sort of an indoc course that a lot of teams used to do, but isn't generally available otherwise. There is a lot we can do and ultimately the design of the workshop is such that *anyone* taking it can benefit from it. Hell, I've played since 2002 and I *still* learn new stuff every game I go to, and not all of it from multi-year vets. The last few games I've attended also show me that there is a lot players can learn from one another, regardless of time in.

I'll do a writeup shortly on the school rules and the justification for 15-17 being allowed in more detail. Some people have already expressed a concern about it, but to be clear about it at the outset, I have good, well thought out reasons for doing this which will be documented shortly. What I ask is for people the have patience and let this thing grow a little before poking holes in it, as tends to happen around here with new ideas. This isn't about lowering the age of play at public fields, this is about educating youth who are already playing the game outside of the community with parental consent. And there are a lot if you live north of highway 9. If we can make that safer and mentor these kids, we can hopefully mitigate the behaviors that concern us as ambassadors of this sport in our communities. One of my guest speakers is an OPP officer in this area who has encountered airsoft guns and responded and dealt with those calls.

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Sounds awesome Jay.
Can I come for dinner?
As long as you're okay with free-range roast beast...
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