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Originally Posted by Eien View Post
Can't wait to see the courses.
We're working on the syllabus right now, but as it stands now, we're looking at a series of basic courses we're calling Airsoft101, AEG101 and Comms101 - those should appeal to newcomers and operators who want to enhance their skills. Then we're into team building, and then into a hosting series, and those should appeal to veterans. Some of the hosting quals will impart skillsets in people that hosts need for hosting assistance - like myself.

I want to talk to people like Brian McIlmoyle, Ex and others who have developed external competition systems and try and grow those through the school as well. I also fully expect the instructor cadre to come up with some stuff, and host guest instructors with their own content. We have a lot of freedom with this concept - all I want to do is make sure its a) fun, b) structured and c) measurable, so we can properly evaluate and tune a course and give guests feedback on their progress. Part of the point of this is to legitimize airsoft as a sport, and to that end I am open minded about where to take this.

The good news is with my training background, I can take pretty much anything and turn it into a fun workshop with structure and measurability. But I am going to make sure none of this is stuffy or boring.

I'll be posting up the initial workshop offerings soon.
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