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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Yea, that's pretty par for P90 hicaps.

Question to you P90 users.. what mag puches do you use? I've had a P90 forever and a half and haven't gamed it yet lol.
Condor has P90/UMP pouches that I have used for 3 years on an drop leg setup that seem to work fine once there worn in. Another good source for P90 Gear is Which I think has been said before but it's worth an look for an P90 vest.

Interesting that this Cansoft CA P90 is Lipo ready, I'm afraid to push my TM P90 that hard with the current setup I have for it. By the way guys, there is P90 mid caps out there besides either high caps and lows!

That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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