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Welcome to Airsoft Canada, our general policy is that purchase and ownership of Airsoft is to be limited to those 18 years of age and above. Unfortunately your request is impossible to fulfill as the particular model in question is quiet expensive.

If your interested in the sport thats great, I suggest you read as much as you can and absorb the limited knowledge avaliable online. If your committed to playing I suggest after reading and learning what you can you contact local Fields in your area and inquire if they would allow someone of your age to participate, rentals are avaliable in some cases. However this is completely at the discretion of the field owner and operator thus you must respect their prerogative.

One thing to note. Airsoft is a very expensive hobby in Canada, the overall cost of playing is certainly not cheap and trying to do it on the cheap can often lead to substandard gear and tools which will in veritably let you down. A good strategy to follow is to work hard at a part time job during your summer months for a few years and finish your schooling. Then use your saved up money to get into this sport when your of age, not only is this an industrious use of your time it will impart a feeling of satisfaction that you have earned your way into the community through your own hard work. At your age there are many exciting activities you can take part in in the mean time.

In any case ignore any "abrupt" responses and let them roll off your back like water off a ducks back, start fresh and do some homework on the sport. You will QUICKLY find that the community is more then willing to accept young people if you are willing to deport yourself in a fashion befitting someone whom recognizes the gravitas of our rules and community.

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