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Originally Posted by need_a_name View Post
wherre can i get an m249 in canada that is no more than 250$ and that is good and reliable, i herd that classic army's m249 is a good one. any help would be apreciated.
Wow a CA M249 for $250, thats less than the A&K version in HK. Seriously bud thats not gonna happen. I paid $750 for my A&K M249 last summer. At the end of the season once folks realize that they don't wanna hump around a 23lbs gun, then you can get them for about $550 plus shipping, which is usually around $50. Seriously take the advice and get age verified if you are an adult. If you're not sorry bud but you are SOL. But if you are not an adult please feel free to stick around, and read up on the threads. That way once you hit that magic number of 18 you'll be all set.
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