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ASU - Airsoft University

Well, from what I understand, this is out of the bag thanks to Google.

Apparently someone posted it here on ASC, then someone took it down, but it was long enough for my phone to ring off the hook and my email to go mad. Blackthorne just muttered f**king google and stormed off to bed.

Airsoft University

We are finalizing arrangements for what could turn out to be an unprecedented venue. To get an idea its about 30 minutes from the top of highway 427. I have to make a final presentation to the owner of the facility, but I have an agreement in principle at this point.

You can read about it on the site. There are people out there already in the know who I have approached as trainer facilitators and a few recruiters in motion at the moment, but I hope to have a first meeting of staff TFs next week, and our first event before the end of June.

Feel free to browse the site, it is far from complete, but, it will give you an idea of what is available to us. Anyone who is interested in becoming a TF this semester, please drop me a PM. Your availability for weekends has to be laid out, and BTW, these are paid positions, not volunteer. Minimum of 3 years experience and your outside experience and what you bring to the school will be perhaps as important, if not more important than your airsoft experience itself. This is a ZERO politics environment and the facility does not belong to any team or any vendor, ASU is an independent entity. I am a partner and investor in the venture, I don't own it.

Feedback welcome.

Sincerely, Scarecrow, Blackthorne & Seraph
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