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Originally Posted by Crunk_Ain't_Dead View Post
Some people on The Both Elephant Type 89 Review - RSOV Online Community this site even suggested taking parts from the BE and putting them in their TM.
Yeah, specifically the rubber butt pad. I wouldn't base my buying decision on a rubber butt pad, that's like basing your car buying choices on the floor mats.

Just looking at the pics in that review you can tell the metal used is low quality white metal castings (easily nicked and gouged, as seen in some pics), lots of visible imperfections, definitely not machine finished.

The finish is the lowest end horrible black paint with no primer which rubs off if you so much as breathe on it.

Internals include the staple Cosmoline-looking kinda grease/gunk so many of the Chinese guns come with, the ever lovely transparent plastic spring guide, plastic bushings and atrocious piston head.

If you're just looking at the pricetag, then admit to yourself you're buying a low quality, low end gun because you can't afford something better; but don't try fooling yourself into thinking it's a good gun by any measure of the imagination, certainly not a "TM topper."
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