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Both Elephant Type 89

Hello ASC.
I have been continuing my research into which AEG I should get when I turn 18 in approximately half a year, and I have stumbled across the Both Elephant (BE) type 89. First thing I did was look up BE here, and found several threads saying that BE's other guns were pure garbage. I couldn't find anything on here about the type 89. I did find some other reviews that suggested that it was better than the gun that it's a clone of, the TM type 89. Reasons cited were better finish and better gear quality. Some people on The Both Elephant Type 89 Review - RSOV Online Community this site even suggested taking parts from the BE and putting them in their TM.
Has anyone on here had 1st hand experience with this gun? I love the 3 shot burst function, which seems to work well if the videos on youtube are anything to go by.
If someone could tell me (over PM if you don't want to post it here) what these things go for on the classifieds (note I AM NOT TRYING TO GET ONE YET! I JUST WANT AN ESTIMATE) that would be excellent.
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