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Originally Posted by bertro View Post
Hi everybody.

Robert from Montreal here. Turning 30 in a couple of weeks, and recently became interested in airsoft (used to play paintball a few years ago). For now, I've only got a cheap "lamesoft" SS P226 springer from Walmart and I'm doing target practice indoors. When I'll get tired of abusing the gel target, I'll get AV'd on the forum, get some real gear and start coming to airsoft games in my area.

I must admit I'm not a big fan of full automatics and "spraying" the enemy with ammo, so I hope there are pistol-only (or semi-auto only) close-combat games out there. If not, no problem, I'll go with anything.


Yea those walmart spring pistols can get you hooked and thinking... "I wonder what else is out there"

You are and will be happy with airsoft....But your bank book wont lol
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