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Turning 18 on June 11! Many Thanks to the Community!

I have waited an extremely long time for this moment. June 11th sparks the big 18 for me, and itís been 2 years of researching information about airsoft, bursting out in laughter over the many off topic threads, and going out to a few games to see what the game is all about. Special shout out to T_A_N_K for letting me come out to a couple of the Area 51 indoor games. (If you know him/talk to him, let him know).

Looking forward to getting Age Verified, actually VIEWING the airsoft gun classifieds, buying gear, and seeing some forum users out on a field.

Thanks to those who were patient with me and those who participated in my threads despite me being underage!

Cheers, Armand

"Airsoft will be taken seriously, but it will never be forgotten that airsoft is just a game. Treat every player with respect and honor."
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