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Originally Posted by choldaway View Post
1. Before buying anything, I know I ought to go to a game, unfortunately the events page is stupid and requires me to be AV'd before I can view, which is ironically the best place for me to get AV'd. Can anyone give me some advice as to where this might be played near me (I live in Southwestern Ontario, between Windsor and London, and would prefer not driving to Toronto, plus I've seen retailers in London but haven't heard of any events)
Only one of the game sections is AV-restricted, the others are not; you should be able to view and post in the Ontario section:

And as DanoftheDead pointed out, check the list of verifiers.

2. If possible, I would like to bring friends into the game, so I would like to at least know the cheapest competitive options for doing that, although myself I would rather spend a bit more money on a gun and upgrade its performance, because I'm fairly certain I'd be interested in the sport long-term and obviously you want the best gear for that.
If you've been reading then you're most likely aware that the costs extend beyond just the gun; extra magazines, battery, charger, a good pair of goggles or paintball mask (make sure whatever you buy meets the requirements of the field you'll be attending), BDUs, a decent pair of boots, etc.

It may seem like a daunting amount of stuff to buy just to get started, but its best you face it realistically on the onset than become overwhelmed after you decide to dive in.

Point in case, even going with the cheapest stuff expect to spend over $100 on top of the gun.

3. I'm interested in function only, I really don't care about realism, I'm more of the person that would like an AR capable of being upgraded to a sniper at some point, but don't care what it looks like. Since I eventually plan to upgrade it, I'd rather not spend over 350 for just the gun, unless it was quite awesome or had only a few replaceable parts (ie I don't want a gun that is mid-range everywhere, I'd rather have to replace the motor and gearbox only than eventually upgrade those, and the hop-up, and get a tightbore barrel, and get a spring upgrade, and the list goes on.
Peacemealing it is usually the expensive route. $350 is really low to start, too.

Then replacing the motor? That's at least $50 right there. A good gear set will run you close to $100. Plus the other upgrades you'd usually want (tightbore etc).

You're better off spending more to start and get something that has as many "keeper" parts as possible.

As a side note, being interested in function generally means a TM clone would be best, simply for ease of upgrading with new parts both now and in the future. Can anyone make recommendations for me?
"TM clone" is pretty vague at this point, unless you're looking for something that's 100% TM compatible, as most brands are derived from the TM designs. Consider each brand/model for its own merits, not how much of a clone it is (and the straight clones at this point are also usually lower quality overall, so its just not something I'd recommend).
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