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Originally Posted by bean View Post
I rock a set of Belville Deserts in non gortex and love them. I just replaced the insoles with super feet and they were good to go. I have used bates boots before and found them to be hot but comfortable. I am excited to try the new bates C3 boots which are touted as being super breathable.
you running the TR series? I've got the Belleville TR in multicam, and I swear one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn!

Sporting "Original S.W.A.T." for work and I used to be a Magnum Man (Stealths, Storms, and Typhoons), and dollars to donuts the OSwats have done just as good a job as the Storms and Stealths for 2/3 the cost.

Originally Posted by snipersyntagmatik View Post
i find myself caught in a world of wonder. yes i am a noob. that being said, and without even stepping into the field i made my first investment into the voracious world of airsoft with the purchase of Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 boots. i don't even own a gun yet. i will review as i break them in.
a noob who bought boots?! has the seventh seal been broken? good on ya dude, and enjoy them!

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