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Originally Posted by lordnordeth View Post
One of the big issues with Canada Post is that, unless you live in an actual metropolitan area, then delivery is most likely carried out not by a Canada Post Employee, but by a sub-contracted rural delivery driver (referred to as an RSMC driver within Canada Post). Since these people dont work for Canada Post, they really don't give a crap what they do, and if no one else wants the job, they cant really fire the person.
This is exactly the situation within Canada Post, when I worked there almost a full two years ago. The guy who picked the stuff up from the outlet was replaced by a fellow flown in from Toronto who quit after three days. He was replaced by a guy from Calgary. Both were first generation imigrants who had gotten the job because no one else would take it. I know for a fact that stuff went missing during all of this because our local paper had a write up about a year later on missing passports. I am so happy I got out and had nothing to do with the door to door shit!
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