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If it can help you in any way, I myself started airsoft not so long ago and was (still 'am) on a budget!

After reading tons of threads on what's essential and what's not I first checked my closets for some useful items. Maybe you won't find much but it's still worth it, you never know! Personally, both my in-laws (parents) we're in the 22e royal regiment so I already had access to some t-shirts (those OD v-necks are sooo comfortable!) And other small stuff.

I currently use my working boots to play, it's not the flashyiest/most beautiful piece of equipment I own but they have been serving me well all those years and offer some protection to my ankles. +1 to pusangani, I bought myself some mechanix gloves and removed most of the unecessary stitchings, they are comfortable and fit almost perfectly on my hands (very rare in my case).

When looking for goggles I stumbled upon a thread where a "Pyramex" brand was discussed and I had the chance to try those for a game before buying a pair (this very friday actually!) Those are really cheap and are ANSI rated!

For the rest of my basic setup I went with some inexpensive duty belt, drop-leg holster, pistol mag pouch from ehobby. I play with an AK so I got myself a ChiCom chest-rig to hold the spare mags.

I like to play OpFor/terrorist so it's not that important to get a full camo set-up just now.

Sorry for the litterature, but I hope it helps!
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