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Jeff is an amazing guy.

You'll need:
Gun + mags. You can use the hicap that comes with said gun for your first time, most guns come with a hicap anyways.
Or see about borrowing mags from somebody at your game.
Ammo. - I recommend BB Bastard .25 at least for out door.
Boots. - I've seen guys slip and slide all over the place in running shoes, you also do not want to damage your ankles.

Strongly suggested:
Box of midcaps or lowcaps. Sometime guns come with shitty hicaps, in general hicaps suck.
Camo. You don't really need it, but man it helps.
Battery and or gas for your gun.
AEGS usually come with an "okay" battery out of the box, It's usually hit or miss though.

As for the goggles. Some fields require Paintball goggles due to insurance, usually you can remove the mask part and just use the goggles thankfully.

Have fun!
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