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Lmao...whoever had the idea for this thread is awsome

I live in Belle River, ON, about 20 min from Windsor..I had been waiting for a package to come in, and was checking the tracking number when it was out for delivery. I sat by my door from 9am-5pm and no package came. I contacted the offices only to find it had been delivered to a city 4h away. They claimed it would take an extra day for to return and then be sent out again the following day...They did this 2x!! Most likely because the name of the street I live on changed only 1mnth prior. When I finally received the package the driver apologized for his coworkers idiocy and pointed out on the parcel a map of the city they had gone to and then on the top of the parcel was my home address which CLEARLY stated Belle River...Not w/e town they brought it to.
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