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I had the same issue with some packages I sent to my folks as signature was needed and I was not going to be around.( folks retired and are home all day and I let them know a package is expected.)

3 packages, not one time did anyone knock on the door, the 3rd time I was at the postal outlet I told the lady that for the 3 times now no one bothered to try to deliver the package.
she went to the song and dance of of course they did but probably no one was home.
I told her not to bother trying covering for anyone and from behind someone pipes up" we're busy and don't have time to wait for people to come to the door."

It was the parcel truck driver.

Great attitude and service from Canada Post.
On the upside they don't care and it doesn't bother them one bit, on the downside the shipping charges are ridiculous
I'd happily pay 50% less for the kind of service they are happy to provide.

On the other hand the parcel driver that delivers to my condo is always there before 11am knocking on my door and will get a little something for the holiday season.
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