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Originally Posted by DanoftheDead View Post
Hahahahaha classic, I did something almost the exact same the last delivery comming to my house. The CP dude was walking towards my door with just the card and when he saw me in the doorway he stopped and turned around grabbed my package and then came back. I guess it was too much work on a friday huh?
for me it was a tuesday... so no

BTW: last package, about 2 weeks ago, the dude didnt even showed up at my door (or any other ppl on his circuit for the day), he filled the cards, and dropped them in the letters batch of the next day, and the packages at the local post office... :@

When I checked the tracking info, it said that he knocked at my door 5 minutes before, and left a delivery notice card... So i called the local post office, and CP, to tell them why he didnt knocked at my door, and the dude told me '' ya lots of ppl tell us the same thing''....

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