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Originally Posted by Gunny_McSmith View Post
Yesterday, my father was waiting for the delivery of something he ordered online....but he was working, so I had to open the door, and sign for him...

So i was in my room, with the window opened, and I heard the CP mail van coming...So i go downstairs, and waited until the mail dude had walked all the way from his truck to my door (about 50m) to open the door, When i opened the door, the dude had a "delivery notice card' in his hands, and was getting ready to stick it to my door. When he saw me, he was suprised, and said "Oh, I thought they was nobody home....'', then he had to walk back to his truck, get the package, and go back at my door to hand it to me....

mmmm sweet revenge (Fkn lazy a$$ CP mail dude... -_-')

Hahahahaha classic, I did something almost the exact same the last delivery comming to my house. The CP dude was walking towards my door with just the card and when he saw me in the doorway he stopped and turned around grabbed my package and then came back. I guess it was too much work on a friday huh?
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