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not to rain down on this review but a bit of constructive criticism:

the rubber slugs are a waste. a tissue paper/kleenex wad is better as it will start to break down come the first rain fall. how long will those rubber caps take to start breaking down?

Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
the Co2 core look very similar to the madbull xp series nades, hmm got to get me some of these. If these thing held up under my abuse then I guess I'll look into upgrading my 108 and 204 stock
not that much of an upgrade if any! these thunder nades are the same as the xmpb4's. the ones you hate, lol!

cores look pretty similar. ignore the bottom part. only difference is that the MB version is a flat top.

Originally Posted by H1TMAN View Post
Im glad to hear someone is having good results with theirs because so far the performance of my Thunder grenades a very disappointing. Im using the madbull fill adapter and for some reason I cant seem to be able to fill my grenades over 600 PSI.
are you using the 12g cartridges or a 20 oz or similar tank? 600psi is more than plenty

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