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I know how it can be, I was like 15 when I joined the community. What I did was focus on school though which kept my mind off airsoft however I was still a regular visiting here quite often.

For now work on acquiring bits of gear here and there. I don't believe that the gear/clothing section of the classifieds are restricted so you should be fine to order from there (keep an eye out for package deals and good deals overall and don't forget to check your local surplus store they may even give you a deal (ie. no GST) if you buy a lot of stuff at once from them). Keep in mind though you might grow so only buy things where you know your size won't change (ie. vest, pouches, "universal fit" stuff, boots, etc.).

As for your list, going by what's available right now looks good however things may change in 2 years time.

Also, keep in mind that you "can" play airsoft (depending on field owners rules/decision, they have last say) however we will not help you to purchase.
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