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how do I sight a red dot?

Yes im back with another question, quick background for people that may flame/troll: I am under age yes, But I do not use my gun outside of my basement, or to shoot people, I got it to shoot targets thinking it might help be get better at shooting, as I am with the air cadets, and we shoot "air rifles" and compete against other cadets. I got the airsoft gun(M4A1) thinking it might help me, seeing as it was less costly then an air rifle. I will not use the gun for any "backyard" airsoft. As I am interested in playing once i turn 16-18 depending on the people I meet, and dont want a bad name before I start.

Ok so here's my question. I have a red dot sight that came with my M4A1, i had to take it off to clean my gun up, was getting dusty, and somthing was stuck on the rail were the red dot sight was. after taking it off and putting it back on, it wassent shooting like it was before(wich is expected seeing as its moved) How do I sight in a red dot sight, I'm only shooting at a 5m range, and a small square target(sticky) If any one could link me some tuts, or maybe post how to that would be great!

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