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Lz ottawa. Soon to be under new management

Effective immediately I will no longer be Running the day to day operations at the LZ.

For personal reasons I am stepping away from it and will no longer be available to answer questions etc about the LZ.

If you have any questions about games etc at the LZ please go to and ask them on their forums.

It's been a good run but I am worn out and no longer able to give it the time it requires.

C.T.A.C.S will remain my baby and will not be going anywhere. It's my hope to bring this concept to other locales across the country.

Thanks for everyones support over the years. It's had it's ups and downs but quite a few of you made it allot of fun. See you on the field


This is not an "I'm quitting airsoft" thread
This is a " I want to enjoy airsoft again" Thread

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