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So what's the deal with these "clearsofts"

Like the crossman brand for airsofts. They usually have clear bodies. What's wrong about it? I've been reading threads and post about and rants about how bad they are, and how trash they are compared to the other major airsoft brands like KWA, JG, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, G&G and so on.

Oh yeah, I've been wondering, do you think this would work? By purchasing an aeg from the following sites: Mach1,, eastcoast airsoft, pyramid air, (, capital airsoft, and 007 airsoft, that is non-clear body type, say like full metal, or full black, would it work? Like I've noticed clear body airsofts are garbage in appearance, not that I think appearance would have anything to do with fps, power, and quality of it, but I would love to buy the non-clear airsoft ones. Would this work? I know it would be against federal law, and all, but seriously, it looks sooo ugly. Please reply with further information about purchasing a non clear airsoft (full metal, black, camo etc.), and what to do should I purchase a non clear airsoft.

*Edit* - Consequences perhaps? Fines, confiscations?
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