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1) get AV'd if you're an adult. If you aren't 18, forget it; nothing/no one on this forum can help you.

2) if you really can't afford more than that, trying to save every penny, or whatever other reason, this is the wrong hobby/sport for you. That's it.

3) the prices you saw on mach1 etc are realistically what you should expect to pay unless you find some amazing deal on a used gun in the classifieds. That's the reality of it; deal with it or walk away.

4) READ THE RULES OF THIS FORUM. Asking for a gun outside of the classifieds is not allowed. Consider this your first, last and only warning on the matter.

5) People aren't telling you what you wanna hear (good hint that you're a minor), but you really need to listen because they're giving you the straight dope.

6) Stay off my radar.
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