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and here in lies the rump.

you need to save cash for medical school.
weighing the two you shouldn't be joining an expensive hobby if your school demands are high, especially medical school. it takes a special kind of person to balance university and airsoft neatly.

once you've past your courses and are a "Big fancy Doc" chances are your not gonna have any time to play airsoft as you'll be getting called in on your weeks planned ahead days off for the first few years of your career.
cash, you don't have now, time you won't be having for long, are both critical requirements for airsoft. Are you sure this sport is for you?

Oh and Capital Airsoft has extremely good deals. they are usually $2 to $5 cheaper on the same product than everywhere else.
I am doing pretty well in school, and having minimum issues, and I can still make time. I do have supporting parents, but not to be used as "tools". My friends have referred me airsoft, which I have little knowledge about, but I do have some experience of owning a cheap pistol that I had bought from Canadian Tire back then.
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