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Sorry bud but there is no such thing as a great AEG in your price range of $50-150. Those sites you named with the exception of buyairsoft are good solid sites, the prices they charge are average for airsoft in Canda. A bare minimum gun will cost you at least $300 just for the gun, then you have to get a battery, charger , goggles, etc... Unfortunately airsoft is not a cheap hobby. If you are 18+ I suggest you become age verified, that way you will have access to the retailers and classifieds on this forum. If you are not 18 then sorry but we will not help you in obtaining any airsoft as this community has a strict 18+ limit to buy sell or receive info on where to buy sell. Why don't you fill out your profile a bit, that way some local boys and girls can direct you to an appropriate AV.

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