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there are simple chest rigs available in the classifieds for $30-$50:

You can probably get cheapy tac vests for around $50 at your local army surplus stores.

Originally Posted by BABU View Post
ya takin a look at the site now i do see plenty priced very low, the only thing im worried about is ordering a $20 vest and some pouches and then paying like another $40 in shipping and duty fees, then i almsot might as well have waited a bit more and got a better vest taht cost around $100, for this quick cheap alternative i would prefer to pik up something locally in a store or at least if bought online buy it from a canadian retailer, to minimize cost

and about teh bdu, ya i have bdu, they should be arriving this week, but i wouldnt wanna risk losing my mags bcuz they fell outta my pockets, need something with closure or that will hold the mag in place sturdily
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