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simple is better

often the simplest game is the best..

Real military objectives are simple and clear cut.. Such as Advance to and seize and hold specific points.

If you want a more skirmish type game the key is to configure a game that keeps everyone engaged and promotes teamwork.

I have a couple of games I use at TTAC3 that are good for this.

They can translate to outdoor venues pretty well .. particularly paintball field type venues.

Game 1 - Red VS Blue -- 2 teams start out with equal numbers .. 2 spawn points established a opposite ends of the field. Every time you are hit you respawn on the other team.. game continues until there is only one team left.

Game 2. Bunneh push -- this is essentially Football with airsoft guns.. instead of tackling .. you shoot the opposition.

The object of the game is to push the object( ball, case, bag, or in our case stuffed bunneh ) to the opposing teams spawn in order to score. unlimited respawns for the teams .. Game continues until an agreed number of points are scored .. teams should switch ends after each point.
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