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Hi folks,
My name is Jun. I am Japanese, but living in France. I am 36 going on 37.
I am a newcomer at ASC but practicing airsoft since 2005 and quite active on the France Airsoft forum.

Ah ! I am pretty sure you are wondering what I am doing here, uh ?

Although scattered all over the country, we're a small group of french airsoft players who are really fond of the CADPAT. Issued of course, or at least Frontenac and other stuff sold at CP Gear, Dave's Surplus and so on, because we would not like the idea of insulting your country's camo by purchasing some cheap ugly knock-off.

Anyway, what am I doing here ? Well, I thought it was about time to register here and grab some precious pieces of informations I might not be able to find out by myself on the internet.

One last thing : my english is not too bad, but not that good either. Please be indulgent if I make mistakes. Thanks.

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