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Originally Posted by Nielsen View Post
I wasn't 100% sure where the proper section for this would be, so I figured here would be appropriate.

Anyways, I just recently got into airsoft (originally solely a paintball player) so the whole "deathmatch" deal is all the same to me, and I know others have expressed doing something more, as just going out and shooting at people gets old quick. We have a few fields, an Urban Tac Town, a lightly wooded "Shanty Town", an attack and defend field, and a more wooded area. If anyone has any suggestions on game types you use at your fields to spice things up and break the monotony, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Get props, add scenarios like hostage rescue, drug bust, neutrilize the bomb threat. Play at night and day time to keep it interesting. Milsims are very fun, when both teams have to have an actual strategy.

I have to agree with you. I have been to a few games where all everyone does is run up take cover and the fire just goes back and forth and the game doesnt progress. Its really boring.
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