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PTW's will have exact 1:1 dimensions of the real steel counterpart and accept real steel parts HOWEVER they cost an arm and a leg. $1300 outside Canada, so how much do you think they go for once inside here? They can actually go for $1800 or more sometimes, depending on real steel parts (ie. Daniel Defence rail, and totally "magpul-ized") it can go for $3000 or more.

Anyways, that's not something you should be looking at, rather get one of the TM or TM compatible guns and they'll serve you fine (however can't take certain real steel accessories).

Also get working on getting AV'ed and a whole new world will open up to you.

PS: As for the Glock, yes they do lock back on empty (as do most pistol GBB's, mine doesn't however because the mechanism that makes it lock back doesn't always catch either because it's worn down or the mechanism is just off spec and doesn't always catch). Best bet is either a TM or KSC Glock. Try to get a TM first and KSC second. I personally got the KSC because I found it for a great deal however if I was looking for one again and I didn't see that deal I would have gone for a TM.
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