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Originally Posted by Omnivorous View Post
Not only is it illegal to bring it back into Canada but you've gotta be crazy to try and get that thing on plane! It's China, they won't charge you, they'll execute you!
1. Your still pretty new on the forum, so i wont flame you for spreading misinformation. Airsoft is perfectly allowed on a plane as long as the proper firearms forms have been filled out. This has been tried and tested by members here.
2. All parts of the gun are allowed in Canada except for the recievers.
3. No they wont execute you because your a foreign national and if you declared your airsoft gun to the customs.

Note: Im surprised this guy found an airsoft gun in China. Arent they illegal to possess there? Unless he is confusing China with Hongkong. Ahh.. Redwolf Airsoft...
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