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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
how are you asking these kinds of questions if you are an airsoft pro?

NO, walmart bb's are crap and will ruin your gun, they are only suitable for the crappy softair guns that walmart sells
Pus shut the hell up man, you don't know shiz. All us friggen pro airsofters use walmart bb's. Hell I don't even bother with .20's I use the friggen .12 in my DPMS Pro gun that I modded and they shoot at like a bajillion FPS because pro's know that FPS = F***** Performance Shooter and therefore Im more pro then you and you can't deal with it

* Seriously*

Lets just say that Walmart is an inappropriate place to shop for airsoft you intend actually use. Just like I would never buy tools to fix a car at the dollar store, it's cutting corners for the sake of nothing, the amount of money saved is negligible.

Find a relatively local supplier to buy quality products from. Namely BB bastards. The broxa (although its a steaming pile of dung in my opinion) is of sufficient quality to require the use of proper bb's, its like the Daewoo of Airsoft, sure its a car but its a friggen Daewoo.

Cheers mate, and seriously add some contact info and search around for local guys you might be suprised to find one or two.

Also don't be surpirsed if your name garners minor heat from the community or chuckles, Showing up to a completely disorganized sport and calling yourself a pro is pretty ballsy but insane.
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