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airsoft gun size, pistol holster and real AR parts fitting.


I'm new to the sport but realy interested.

I don't have much knowledge about airsoft yet.

I have done some search on the forum before asking, if the answers was there and I didn't see it, sorry.

I would like to know if airsoft guns in general have the exact same size of the real ones. I ask this because I do have a restricted PAL and few legally registered firearms (pistols & AR) I use for target shooting and IPSC.

I have a safariland holster for a glock who lock the gun by the ejection port, I'm thinking about buying the same glock model in airsoft if it would fit my holster and the gun would lock inside.

I also have an AR stock I would like to use on a airsoft AR if the fitting is possible instead of buying new one as I quite like the one I already have.

Thanks in advance!

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